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A Kitchen in Portugal - simply perfect!

Updated: May 27, 2020


It doesn't matter whether you are already in Portugal or you are planning your move to Portugal from your armchair in the UK (or elsewhere for that matter).  Kitchens in Portugal is the design company who will help you every step of the way.   We know Portugal and have a wealth of experience when it comes to planning, designing and fitting kitchens. 


Kitchens in Portugal works closely with builders in Central Portugal, so if you need a reliable English speaking team in that area to help you with a renovation project or an extension or even a new build, then Kitchens in Portugal can offer an introduction.


But, first things first.  Before we start work on the kitchen design for your home in Portugal we will spend a lot of time discussing your own thoughts and ideas.   

What do you need your kitchen to do for you?  Think about how you use your current kitchen.  What is good about it?  What's really annoying about it?  What works and what doesn't?

Do you have enough work surface and prep areas?  Do you have enough accessible kitchen storage or do you need more?   Do you prefer drawers or cupboards?

organised drawer storage is so convenient

A kitchen in your house in Portugal will need good fridge and freezer storage so give thought to how you would like to tackle that - a large American style fridge perhaps, or a tall free-standing fridge and separate tall freezer, or integrated fridge(s) and freezer(s).

Think too about your cooking - electricity is relatively expensive in Portugal, so gas is often the preferred option (LPG in the rural areas).  However, a modern induction hob is so easy and clean to use that many people are making the change.   Ovens - a single oven with a Slide and Hide door (unique to Neff - see pic below), or perhaps a double oven? Or team a single oven with a microwave-combi.


Moving to Portugal doesn't mean you have to give up the latest trends in kitchen technology. Portuguese kitchens often have a range cooker fueled by bottled gas and these appliances are readily available if you wanted to adopt a similar cooking style.  

Kitchens in Portugal can supply all your kitchen appliances, whatever your choice and will happily advise you.

Storage, of course, is really important.  Do you like to use cupboards or do you find that large drawers are easier?  Most people seem to prefer drawers  these days. Kitchens in Portugal is careful to take into account what you will be storing in your kitchen to make sure that everything you need and use is close to hand when you want it.  Drawer dividers solve the problem of saucepan lids and special cutlery trays will segregate cooking utensils and gadgets.  Your bottle opener is always right where you need it!

Clever storage solutions are a boon to any stylish kitchen, whether it's a sleek, modern, gloss handle-less kitchen or a lovely painted timber kitchen.  Pull out larders, corner units, lift down shelving, hidden bins and spice racks are all options which Kitchens in Portugal will discuss with you.

And then there's lighting?   What's your natural light like?  Do you have a kitchen which opens out onto a patio or garden area?  Is your kitchen tucked away in a corner?  How is the light in the winter?  Kitchens in Portugal will ask all about it and make sure your kitchen lighting works for your cooking area - its call 'task lighting' - as well as the 'mood lighting' for your dining area.

Don't forget to give thought to sockets - how many and where?  Charging points for laptops and phones?  Hidden sockets. Sockets in islands.  Think what you will be using in the kitchen and when and how.

Are you ready to kick ideas about?   Talk to a professional kitchen designer.  Simply type up a swift message on our contact page click the send button and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible or contact us under:

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