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Now we're cooking with induction!

Updated: May 27, 2020

The quirky phrase "now we're cooking with gas" has been around for decades and despite its use in many situations, cooking with gas in its literal sense, has, for generations been pretty much the cooking method of choice. Today, though, we have moved on and induction cooking has become the most widely chosen form of hob-top for chefs and family cooks alike.

Induction gives FAST AND RESPONSIVE results. A Neff induction hob for example, will boil a pan of water almost twice as fast as gas. And when a sleek contemporary effect is required, the slim profile of an induction hob is just the job.

An induction hob provides one of the most efficient methods of cooking. Extremely fast, with the ability to accurately control the power, induction hobs contain a strong electromagnet positioned under the surface of the hob. When a zone is activated and a ferrous pan is placed on it, a circuit is created which begins a rapid, even, transference of heat to the base of the pan and its contents. Note, the heat is transferred to the pan and its contents - that means the hob top itself is not heated and therefore spills will not burn on, nor, when you move the pan, will you find that the ring area is dangerously hot to touch. The only heat is the residual heat from the pan and its contents. So, it's safe and easy to clean - lovely!

Induction hobs are extremely energy efficient and will not send your Portuguese electricity bill sky high either. All in all induction cooking is a sensible option.

Talking of options, check out FLEX INDUCTION. With this imaginative innovation you can use your pans on whole areas of the hob top and there are griddle pans and Teppan Yaki grill plates which are compatible with the induction hob. And look at Domino Hobs with just two cooking zones which are perfect or when teamed with a gas wok burner or another cooking source.

Neff and Siemens both have a wide range of induction hobs and, of course, other appliances.

Both companies are hugely popular and available with your kitchen through Kitchens in Portugal. So, when you are talking about kitchen design, take some time to discuss your appliances too.

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