Based on your wishes your architect, and/or your builder, will plan your project in the most efficient way. 


We will liaise closely with your builder or architect to ensure that the kitchen layout we propose will be compatible with the building works and will provide 'site drawings' to show where kitchen related services need to be located. 


As the project develops we will ask your builder to confirm the room dimensions to make sure that the sizes we have on our plans correspond exactly with the physical measurements existing on site. Once all parties agree that the measurements are correct, then (and only then) we will be able to proceed with orders and start the manufacturing process.


If you don't have a builder and you are on a DIY arrangement, then we will happily work with your own measurements. We'll spend time with you to make sure the information you give us is exactly what we need.




Not all builders will be able to install your new kitchen properly.They may not have a skilled carpenter or joiner on their team who is competent to fit a kitchen, or they simply may not have time in the schedule to undertake the extra work.   


Fitting a kitchen needs skill and experience so if you would like Kitchens in Portugal to install our kitchen we can do so. We cover most areas of Portugal. We will provide a separate quotation for installation. Prices depend on the size and complexity of the kitchen we have made, and your location.