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Kitchens in Portugal FAQs

What is a typical cost of a kitchen?


There really isn't a 'typical' cost for a kitchen. Most of the cost depends completely on the style of kitchen you choose, what is included in the design and layout and where in Portugal you live. However, we will work to your budget wherever possible, advising you and guiding you on products, styles and cost options. Please see the Case Studies for 2 typical costs samples.


What is included in “the kitchen” budget?


The kitchen cost covers the initial home visit, the complete design process, production, delivery and installation of your chosen kitchen. The cost includes all cabinets and doors but does not include worktops, sink and tap or appliances. However, Kitchens in Portugal can supply all your appliances and other kitchen items on request.


How do I make sure the kitchen is properly prepared with electricity and water for my ideal kitchen design?


Kitchens in Portugal will liaise with your builder or architect to make sure they have the total connected electrical loads for all appliances.


My builder tells me he is able to install the kitchen?


We do not offer a supply-only arrangement.  Kitchens in Portugal makes its own kitchens and very often the craftsmen who make the kitchen will come to your home and fit 'their' kitchen for you.


Our Complete Kitchens come with all the doors and drawers pre-drilled and attached to our units.  This helps to save time with your overall kitchen fit and helps avoid mistakes when drilling doors and drawers. 

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