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How to buy a new kitchen in Portugal

Updated: May 27, 2020


Have you spent hours on the internet looking at gorgeous new kitchens and browsing through kitchen magazines only to wonder why you can't find anything quite like that in your local DIY store in Portugal?   If so, then it's time to start looking seriously at having your kitchen designed specially for you.  Aaahh, but the cost, you may well cry!  Frankly, having a kitchen properly designed will probably save you money.  It will certainly save you time and stress.   

A stunning kitchen by ProNorm from their Y-Line range

Free Design:

Design services at Kitchens in Portugal are absolutely free when you buy one of our fabulous kitchens.  Having a kitchen made for you at little more than the price of a mass market, off the shelf kitchen, makes sense.


Talk to Kitchens in Portugal early on.  If a renovation is planned or walls are being moved or demolished to create an open plan living space it is important to decide how the kitchen can be fitted into that space and how it will be used.  Is it going to be purely functional, or will it be a space for entertaining and socialising?    Think about your 'wish list'.  How do you like to store things? What sort of appliances would you like - a range cooker or separate hob and oven?  Gas or electric hob? An American Fridge/Freezer, a regular free standing fridge/freezer or maybe one which is integrated?   Is your dishwasher to be integrated or free standing?   Will you have granite or quartz for your worktops, or maybe something else:  timber, glass, stainless steel?  Colours?  Materials?  Tiles?

Clever storage solutions are important

There's so much to talk about.  A chat with Kitchens in Portugal will help you and inspire you.


Collect pictures and images from the internet or magazines which show the style of kitchens you like (and don't like).  It will help Kitchens in Portugal in the design and creative process.


Send your plans to Kitchens in Portugal.  If you have drawings (your own or your architect's) with accurate measurements, a design can be created which can be tweeked and changed until you are happy with the result.


Have a good grasp on how much you want to spend.  Design is a partnership and your designer will work with you to create a kitchen which is (wherever possible) achievable within your budget, so don't be afraid to share your target.  Your designer will guide you on where investments should be made and where money can be saved.  


The whole exercise needs to be fun.  This is all about creating your kitchen after all. And It doesn't matter whereabouts you live in Portugal - from a seaside villa on the Silver Coast or the Algarve to a town house in Lisbon; a stone built mountain retreat in Northern Portugal or a rustic farmhouse in Central Portugal - large kitchen or small, Kitchens in Portugal is here exclusively for you.


Success stems from communication.  That's why 'Talk' is right up there on our list.  Talk to Kitchens in Portugal about your kitchen ideas - talk about appliances, talk about how you will live in your kitchen, how you will cook in your kitchen.  Communicate.


Let's start that communication right now. There's no obligation and no pressure, so contact us now and let's start talking!

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