Kitchens in Portugal is a specialist design and supply service created primarily for English speaking ex-pats of all nationalities living (or planning to live) in Portugal, especially in Central Portugal where top quality kitchen providers are few and far between.

Congratulamo-nos com pedidos de informação de cidadãos portugueses também!

Seriously good kitchens designed, delivered and installed for your home in the Algarve,  Lisbon, Cascais, Central Portugal, the Silver Coast, Porto and Northern Portugal.

Throughout the country - exclusively for you!

With Kitchens in Portugal you can be assured of a great product all round, fully functional and designed to meet your needs.  Our service is personal and completely individual - as individual as our kitchens!

 Com Kitchens in Portugal, você pode ter a certeza de que irá ser feito um óptimo produto totalmente funcional e projectado para atender às suas necessidades. O nosso serviço é  único e completamente personalizado - tão personalizado quanto as nossas cozinhas.


Cozinhas concebidas e entregues em sua casa - Lisboa e Cascais, Algarve, Portugal Central, Costa de Prata, Norte de Portugal. Por todo o Portugal, exclusivamente para você!



The lure of Portugal is probably stronger than any other country in Europe.  With its wonderful diversity of terrain from the glorious beaches of the Algarve and Silver Coast to gorgeous mountain landscapes, there are few countries which can compete.   It comes as little surprise that many people are buying holiday homes in Portugal, or making a long term commitment as retirement beckons. 

The cost of living in Portugal is generally lower than elsewhere in Europe and combined with great quality in locally produced organic food and wine, Portugal is just so tempting.

With all that delicious produce in the markets, shops and gardens, most people can't wait to get back to the kitchen and experiment with new recipes and foody ideas.  Kitchens throughout Portugal are the heart of the home and provide catering for the wonderful indoor/outdoor lifestyle which is so comfortable for most of the year.

Traditionally, Portuguese kitchens tend to be pretty basic and most ex-pats will want to change or at least upgrade when they move into their stone built country cottage or their spacious villa on the coast.  IF YOU NEED HELP WITH KITCHEN RELATED BUILDING WORKS AND PROPERTY RENOVATIONS, TELL US ABOUT IT.   WE CAN PROBABLY HELP YOU - WITH KITCHENS IN PORTUGAL IT CAN BE A ONE-STOP-SHOP.

But, back to choosing a kitchen  . . . . yes, there are companies supplying 'complete' kitchens to the local market and there are the big supermarket stores with their bargain-basement offers.  They all fit a niche, of course, and if you can handle their selling style and get the ordering process right then you might indeed find yourself with a bargain if you are happy to be limited in your choice of cabinet sizes, quality and styles.

A lot has to do with understanding what is needed in a kitchen and how a kitchen is manufacturered and constructed.  Miss a vital component or get a size wrong when you are buying on a DIY arrangement and it will all end in tears!   

Finding someone to talk through your ideas on colours and textures, on style and materials and how you use your kitchen (we all use our kitchens differently) is not easy if you only have a limited level of Portuguese.

Many kitchen manufacturers, suppliers and providers in Portugal offer a fairly limited number of styles and cabinet sizes and this can be frustrating.  If you want to have a more traditional style of kitchen for example, maybe a lovely timber painted door, you could be hard pressed to find a supplier who can offer you the variety.  There are plenty of modern style kitchens out there, but they tend to be foil or vinyl wrapped rather than lacquered.   Will the difference be explained to you?

Without some advice, guidance and genuine help you might find yourself out of your depth and end up with a kitchen which is not quite what you expected - for more comments on this, go to our BLOG PAGE.



First, talk to a professional company like Kitchens in Portugal before you make any decisions - it's important.  A new kitchen is a big investment and it's vital to ensure that every aspect is considered carefully.


We know how difficult it can be creating a kitchen in Portugal that is exclusively yours - fitting your space and making it work.  Kitchens have to be functional as well as looking good.


We will spend a lot of time talking with you and discussing your own ideas.  We make sure we are on your wave-length and understand what it is you want to achieve.  And, we will work to your budget wherever possible, advising you and guiding you on products, styles and cost options.


We will produce a design for you COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE with a floor plan and a set of high quality colour visuals so you can see how your kitchen might look. 

PRODUCT QUALITY - it's the best - we don't cut corners.  We use only top quality cabinet materials and equipment produced in Europe:  Solid Hidrofugo Board for the cabinets and Hettich ( or Blum ( for all the soft close door hinges and drawer runners - no more scraping and banging when you close your kitchen doors and drawers.  We can even supply a Servo-Drive system for electronic opening of handle-less doors and drawers. See our SPECIFICATIONS PAGE.

CLEVER STORAGE - storage is another option we talk to you about and we can provide some pretty neat storage solutions with spacious larders, drawers and corners.  All these little touches add up to making a fantastic kitchen which not only looks stunning but also works beautifully for you.

GREAT DESIGN - the following pages showcase a selection of kitchen options to whet your appetite, plus links to leading manufacturers so you can see even more design and style ideas.  Working closely with you we will create a truly individual design which will be completely bespoke but without the hefty price tag! See our DESIGN PAGE

ACTION - it's not easy being a newbie in any country.  Portugal is a wonderful country and its people are helpful and friendly but it does have its frustrations and sometimes getting stuff done can present a challenge.  Kitchens in Portugal knows the country well and how it works.   Browse our SHOWCASE PAGE - there is so much we can do to help you.  Together we can make it work  . . . .

Kitchens in Portugal will cut through all the hassle for you. We don't just speak English - we really understand your needs!

An English speaking kitchen supplier in Portugal with heaps of local and international contacts really will make a big difference and remove so much of the worry for you.  It's all about communication - talking about every little thing is good to do. Kitchens in Portugal will work with you all the way to make sure your kitchen is perfect and nothing is missed.

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