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Property in Central Portugal

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Moving to Portugal is a challenge. It's exciting and rewarding but there is just SO MUCH to think about. Now, this Blog isn't advice about how to execute the move - how to get your Great Aunt's old Welsh Dresser on the removals van or whether you can bring your house plants and what to do about Fido (get him a passport and get his jabs up to date).

Back to basics - research your chosen area of Portugal and research it well. Whether you want to head to the North, to the amazing Silver Coast, vibrant Lisbon, down to the Algarve or into the rural tranquility of Central Portugal. Check and Check again.

Property prices when compared with the UK are attractive, although becoming less so in the Algarve where property prices are rising quite quickly (supply and demand is kicking in). Property in Central Portugal is still great value and there is such a wide choice with potential homes in sleepy villages, by lakes and rivers and in Central Portugal's towns. Town houses and apartments close to the main shops and services are a popular choice but for those of us wanting some space head to the more rural areas where an old Quinta with some good land can be acquired for a competitive price. Renovation work is an inevitability of course and no doubt some modifications may need to be brought into play. New windows and doors, connecting mains water, possibly electricity, sorting out hot water and heating for the winter are all candidates for the 'to do' list. It'll be a BIG LIST!!

Advice during the purchasing process is really important and finding a local estate agent who understands the needs of English speaking purchasers will make life a lot easier.

When my wife, Kate, and I decided to move to Central Portugal we were lucky enough to be introduced to an estate agency called Chavetejo based in the lovely old town of Tomar. The owners and staff at the agency are now friends - that's how good these guys are!

Chavetejo is not just an estate agent - they really do 'go that extra mile' and could not do too much to ensure that we not only found our perfect home but that we had every help in the purchase and the follow up process, co-ordinating what was a quite complicated sale and purchase agreement with our solicitor and bank.

Having completed and acquired our little farmhouse, Chavetejo was on hand to answer the odd (but probably obvious) questions we had and pointed us in the right direction for all kinds of services and suppliers.

Our builders set-to making the renovations and while they were knocking seven bells out of the place we were left to think about colour schemes and tiles, garden plantings, bathroom styles and kitchens styles, bird boxes and feeders and loads of other stuff which dominated our minds for several months!

We are so pleased we didn't stint on research in the early days of our planning. It paid off for us!

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